Eco-tourism at nightfall camp is about so much more than just turning-off the lights and re-using towels. Our Queensland eco-accommodation‘s whole reason-for-being is to create a lifestyle which treads gently, preserving and enhancing this ancient wilderness,  while sharing the wonders of the Scenic Rim’s Lost World.

As a guest, immersed in nightfall’s World Heritage setting,  it’s hard to not be curious about the workings of this incredible ecosystem.  Our passion is to provide those high-quality encounters with nature — from the ‘everyday’ sightings of wallabies, parrots and blue-eyed dew fish to the rare plants and wildlife which share nightfall’s rich conservation protected landscape and the cultural history which links humans to this region.

nightfall camp’s commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability is best explained through conscious planning and an elimination of all that is not essential (some ‘luxuries’ are essential).

It’s a genuinely-sustainable carbon-neutral lifestyle we love to share. If you’re interested in the sustainable life, you can forage with us for food in the wild, the herb and the vegetable gardens;  sample locavore-inspired organic cuisine; and learn about nightfall’s  leanomic environmental practices including on-site waste-water treatment and waste minimisation through reduction, re-use, recycling and recovery with composting.

nightfall camp’s electricity is generated by a 5KW grid-connect solar-power system. Local bio-sequestration tree-plantings are planned to offset the camp’s residual carbon footprint.  Conservation also extends to the progressive restoration and rehabilitation of damaged parts of our 257 acre site, as well as monitoring of Christmas Creek and protected species including the glossy-black cockatoos which frequent our Lamington valley. We’re also registered wildlife carers – if you visit the camp now, you may meet Lillypilly, a wallaby we raised from hairless joey stage.

nightfall camp is in the process of  securing internationally recognised “Advanced-Eco-Tourism Certification”,  awarded by Eco-Tourism Australia. Accreditation recognises leading and innovative ecotourism products, which provide an opportunity to learn about the environment with an operator that uses resources wisely, contributes to the conservation of the environment and helps local communities.  We believe eco-accreditation also helps assure visitors we’re serious about walking-the-talk and happy to be held accountable through audits.

nightfall camp aims to become a role-model for high-quality environmentally sustainable tourism in Australia –  rare luxury eco accommodation which gives back to its environment and does not have a carbon footprint.